Mortgage Refinancing

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Lower your debt, boost your monthly cash flow, and be mortgage-free quicker!

Use the money in your home to pay off high interest debts and be mortgage-free quicker.

  • Refinance up to 80% of your home's value quickly and easily to pay off high-interest credit card debt that has caused your cash flow to slow to a trickle. Worried about penalties? Don't think it can make much difference? Think again. By using your home equity to consolidate your debt, you can improve monthly cash flow, have one easy payment, and be mortgage-free quicker.

    Your home equity can be a valuable financial resource, enabling you to access credit at rates that are generally lower than other forms of borrowing. Some popular reasons to refinance include:

    Home renovations
    Second properties
    Debt consolidation
    Unexpected expenses
    New business/Self employment
    Retirement planning i.e. Supplement income, freedom to travel, home care, pay for ongoing bills like property taxes
    Create a financial buffer for future needs
  • To see if unlocking some of your home equity works for you, contact us for a free review of your current situation and future goals. We can advise how much equity you can leverage, and what your monthly payments would be. You may be surprised at the power of your home equity.

Call or email me today for full details and a FAST mortgage pre-approval!

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